Özden Bilen is familiar with the spheres of water policymaking and academia. He was assigned to the Director General of Sate Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in 1993 after holding several offices in the same organization and retired in 1995.

This website includes selected bibliographic list of books, articles, reports related to hydropolitics, water resources development & management which are a part of his private library. Water Resources Archive was classified according to the different subject areas. The purpose of the website is to provide a quick reference to particularly on the subject of “trans-boundary waters” for young scholars and those concerned. Most of his personal publications and presentations could be reached online.

An autobiographical essay covering his childhood, university and career years was posted on the website as e-book format.

All the content of Özden Bilen's books and articles could be used, provided you indicate the source.
Orsam Water Resources Programme
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Yağmurlama ve Yüzeysel Sulama (Sprinkler & Surface Irrigation)
Extracted from Özden Bilen's Private Library (Özden Bilen'in Özel Kütüphanesinden Alıntılanmış)
1. Design and optimization of irrigation distribution networks
2. Guide to the Economic Evaluation of Irrigation Projects
3. Irrigation Engineering / Sprinkler, Trickle, Surface Irrigation Principles, Design and Agricultural Practices
4. Planning for an Irrigation System
5. Manual of Collective Sprinkler Irrigation
6. Guide Pratique / Irrigation
7. Irrigation Principles and Practices
8. Advanced Rice Cultivation, Irrigation and Drainage Tecnology in Japan

Several World Bank Technical Papers
9. Improving Water Use in Agriculture /Expriences in the Middle East and North Africa
10. Efficient Use of Water in Irrigation /Principles and Practices for Improving Irrigation in Arid and Semiarid Regions
11. Tecnological and Institutional Innovation in Irrigation
12. Developing and Improving Irrigation and Drainage Systems / Selected Papers from World Bank Seminars
13. Using Water Efficiently / Tecnical Options
14. Planning the Management, Operation, and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems / A Guide for the Preparation of Strategies and Manuals

Several Books and Papers
15. Guidelines for designing and evaluating surface ırrigation systems
16. Irrigation potential in Africa / A basin approch
17. Applications of Climatic Data for Effective Irrigation Planning and Management: Training Manual /Roving Seminar organized by FAO and WMO
18. Expert Consultation on Revision of FAO Methodologies for Crop Water Requiremens
19. Manual and Guidelines for Cropwat / A Computer program for IBM-PC or Compatibles
20. Climwat for Cropwat
21. Cropwat / A computer program for irrigation planning and management
22. Crop water requirements
23. Yield response to water
24. Manual for Optimazing Pipes Diameter (Preliminary Version)
25. Irrigation Water Requirements
26. Seminar on Application of Climatic Data for Effective Irrigation Planning and Management
27. Bitki Sulama Suyu İhtiyaçlarını Hesaplama Metodlarının Karşılaştırılmasına Ait Notlar
28. Economical Pipe Sizing for Irrigation Systems / Larpro Programmers Manuel
29. Toplu Yağmurlama Sistemlerinde Su Dağıtım Ağı Ekonomik Boru Çapının Saptanması
30. Basınçlı Sulama Dağıtım Sistemlerinin Optimizasyonu
31. Sulama Şebekelerinde Borulu Sistemlerin Kullanımı ve Optimizasyon Yöntemi ile Çözümü
32. DSİ Sulama Projelerinde Yağmurlama Yönteminin İncelenmesi
33. Yağmurlama Sistemlerinin Projelendirilmesi
34. Yağmurlama metodu ile sulama
35. Irrigation Water Management Training Manual no 5 / Irrigation methods
36. Irrigation Water Management Training Manual no 4 / Irrigation scheduling
37. Current Design Capacity Procedure Used by SCS ( Soil Conservation Service)
38. Current Design Capacity Procedure Used by USBR
39. Peak Period Consumptive Use
40. Estimation of Canal Capacities for Paddy Irrigation Systems
41. Bitki ve Çevirme Su İhtiyaçları Değerlendirilmesi
42. DSİ Sulama İnşaatlarında Proje Uygulaması
43. Talep Yöntemi İle Projelendirilen Sulamalarda Fleksibilite Katsayısı
44. Sulama Projelerinde Uygulanan Sulama, İşletme Yöntemleri ve Şebeke Türleri
45. DSİ Sulama Şebekelerinde Boru Uygulaması
46. Sulama Şebekelerinde Proje Debisinin Analizi
47. Improved Methodologies for Irrigation Water Management / Volume 1and 2: Papers
48. Water Production Functions and Irrigation Programming for Greater Economy in Project and Irrigation System Design and for Increased Efficiency in Water Use
49. Correlation of Economic and Physical Factors Affecting the Selection of Lands for Irrigation
50. Assessing Economic Effects of Salinity on Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin: Agronomic and Economic Considerations
51. Economic Evaluation of Proposed Water Conservation Practices on Established Irrigation Districts: A general Methodology and Application
52. Irrigation and Water Resources in the 1990's
53. Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects / Second Edition, Completely Revised and Expanded
54. Linear, Integer and Quadratic Programming with LINDO
55. Doğrusal Programlama - Yeni Bir Çiftlik Planlama Aracı
56. Sulama ve Drenaj
57. Su Yapıları Cilt: 3 / Sulama ve Drenaj Şebekeleri ve İlgili Sanat Yapıları
58. Sulama ve Drenaj Şebekeleri ve Proje Esasları
59. A Selected Bibliography on Irrigation Planning and Management
60. Selected Water Supply System Introduction Facilitated by Use of Pilot Projects
61. Alleviation of Surface and Subsurface Drainage Disposal Problems by Improved Delivery Scheduling
62. Gadigal Tank Irrigation Pilot Project
63. Advances Planning, Design and Management of Irrigation Systems as Related to Sustainable Land Use / The Need on the Farm for the Flexible Water Supply Schedule
64. Sri Lanka Upgrades Social, Agricultural and Economic Conditions with a Demand Irrigation Schedule
65. Flexible Irrigation Supply Pilot Projects Part 1: Principles
66. Hydraulic Network Analysis Using Linear Theory
67. Control of Surging in Low-Pressure Pipelines
68. Improvement in Design and Installation of Plain Concrete Pipe Irrigation Systems
69. Design of Reinforced Concrete Low Head Pressure Pipe and Several Case Studies in U.S.
70. Pipe Bedding and Backfill
71. Sprinkle-Trickle Irrigation Design
72. Damla Sulaması
73. Yağmurlama Sulaması
74. Case Study 1 / Design Summary Report: Laterals 11R, 12R, .. Westland Water District Distribution Systems-San Luis Unit
75. Case Study 2 / Irrigation Block 26 South Columbia Basin Irrigation District / Irrigation Plan Selection
76. Stability of Ring Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Encased in Concrete
77. Sulu Ziraat Arazi Tasnifi
78. Tuzluluk ve Sodiklik
79. Sulama Projelerinde Kamulaştırma Etüdlerinin Yapılması
80. Sulama Projelerinde Su Kullanma Hakları Etüdlerinin Yapılması
81. Sulama Projelerinin Planlama Kademesinde Zirai Ekonomi Etüdlerinin Yapılması
82. Türkiye'de Üretilen Tarım Ürünlerinin Üretim Girdileri ve Maliyetleri Rehberi
83. A general Investigation on Improvement of Irrigation Networks in Turkey
84. Türkiye'de Sulamanın Gelişimi ve İstihdam Artışına Etkisi
85. Role of Agriculture and Irrigation in Employment Generation
86. Irrigation Efficiencies at Crop Production Level
87. Irrigation: An Integrated Process Quantative Approach
88. Irrigation and Drainage in Italy
89. Irrigation and Drainage in Japan
90. Irrigation and Drainage in Japan Pictorial
91. Japanese Irrigation Technology of Today
92. Agriculture in Japan
93. Blessed with Water and Soil

Design Guides: Canals and Related Structures
94. Canals and Related Structures / Design Standars No. 3
95. Kanaletler Üzerindeki Yapılar
96. Design of Small Canal Structures
97. Slug Flow in Steep Chutes
98. Discharge measurement structures
99. Linings for Irrigation Canals
100. Canal Safety
101. Ölçü Savakları
102. Sulama Şebekelerine Ait Tip Projeler ve Abaklar (Cilt 1, 2, 3)
103. Design Guides Irrigation Channels
104. Recommendations for Design Criteria and Specification for Machine-Lined Irrigation Canals
105. Modified Broad-Crested Weirs for Lined Canals
106. Compensating for Construction Errors in Critical-Flow Flumes and Broad-Crested Weirs
107. Rehabilitation of Open Water Conveyance Systems
108. Ana Kanallarda Çek Yerlerinin Tespiti
109. Sulama ve Drenaj Kanal ve Sanat Yapısı Metrajları
110. Düz Kapak Tip Projeleri ve Hesap Esasları
111. Hidrolik, Statik, Mekanik, Mukavemet ve Betonarme: Teorik Kriterlerin Pratikteki Bazı Önemli Uygulamaları
112. Sulama Şebekeleri ile İlgili Sanat Yapıları Proje Kriterleri
113. Reuse of Irrigation Water

Flumes /Canalette (Kanaletler)
114. Kanalet Üretim Rehberi
115. Kanalet Betonu Araştırma Raporu 1.Kısım / Buhar Kürü Öncesi Bekleme Süresinin Kanalet Betonu Özellikleri Üzerindeki Etkisi
116. Kanalet Hidrolik Tabloları
117. Canalette Networks
118. Kanalet Ayrım Yapıları Tip Projelerine İlişkin Açıklamalar
119. Kanalet Sulamasına ait Çiftçi Rehberi

Soil Problems and Solutions for Irrigation Canals (Sulama Kanallarında Zemin problemleri ve Çözümler)
120. Sulama Kanallarında Sülfat Problemi ve Çözüm Önerileri
121. Şanlıurfa Sulama Kanalları Kaplamalarının İncelenmesi ve Zemin Malzemesi Özelliklerinin Belirlenmesi Hakkında Rapor
122. Review of Expansive Soils
123. Engineering Properties of Expansive Clays
124. Foundation and Ground Water Problems Related to the Occurence of Gypsum in Hydraulic Engineering Works of the USBR in San Luis Unit of the Central Valley Project
125. Case Studies in Turkey
126. Long Lake Dam and Main Canal /Technical Record of Design and Construction- Columbia Basin Project

Pumped Irrigation and Drainage Systems (Pompa İçeren Sulama ve Drenaj Sistemleri)
127. Pompa İstasyonları / Planlama
128. Pumping Lifts
129. Sulama ve Drenaj Pompa İstasyonları Proje Kriterleri
130. Sulama ve Drenaj Pompa İstasyonlarında Cebri Boru Seçimi, Hesapları ve Örnek Hesaplama
131. ICID Ninth International Congress (1975): Question 32-Comparison of Advanced Methods of Irrigation Including Development of Irrigation by Pumping
132. Shinkawa Estuary Drainage Pump Station
133. Design Summary / Contract 16- Pumping Plants:Westland Water District Distribution System Central Valley Project, California
134. DSİ Pompa İstasyonları Maliyet Abakları
135. DSİ Sulama Tesislerine Ait Maliyet Abakları

Regulation and Conrol of Water in Irrigation Canals and Improving the Operation of Irrigation Systems
136. Improving the Operation of Canal Irrigation Systems / An Audiovisual Production
137. Neyrtec Automatic Equipment for Irrigation Canals
138. Petits Ouvrages Hydrauliques
139. Effect of Flow Control System on the Cost Effectiveness of Canal Irrigation Projects
140. Level and Flow Regulation in Canals through Neyrtec Automatic Equipment (Self Operating or Static Type)
141. Application of Mathematical Modelling for the Improvement of Irrigation Canal Operation
142. Micro-Computer Steady State Modelling of Irrigation Delivery Systems
143. Canal Systems Automation Manual
144. Unsteady Flow in Open Channels / Volume II
145. Several Papers From the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, American Society of Civil Enginners (ASCE) & Several Other Sources
146. Kanal Kontrol Sistemleri ve AMİL, AVİO ve AVİS Tipi Otomatik Kapaklar
147. Kanal Regülasyon Sistemleri
148. Sulama Kanallarında Kararsız Akımın Simülasyon ve Kontrolu: Teori ve Program Kullanma Kılavuzu: Cilt 1
149. Sulama Kanallarında Kararsız Akımın Simülasyon ve Kontrolu Teori ve Program Kullanılarak Sistem Parametrelerinin Belirlenmesi: Cilt 2
150. Canal Regulation in the United States
151. Improvement of Regulation Techniques for the Main Canals: The Example of the Harran Main Canal
152. Dynamic Regulation on the Canal de Provence
153. Instrumentation: Canal de Provence
154. Improvement of Canal Regulation Techniquies: The Southeastern Anatolia Project-GAP
155. Sulama Ana Kanallarında Bival Ağırlıklı Mansap Kontrol Sistemi
156. DSİ Kanal Regülasyon Sistemi / Sistem Tasarım Dökümanı Revizyon 1.0
157. Kanal Regülasyonu Sağlayan Çeklerde Otomatik Seviye Kontrollu Kapakların Özellikleri ve Fonksiyonları
158. Sulama Projelerinin Tasarımında DSİ Yaklaşımı ve GAP Örneği
159. Remote Momitoring and Control of An Egyptian Irrigation Canal
160. Assessment of Current Irrigation Design and Practices
161. Strengthening National Agricultural Research Systems / Policy Issues and Good Practice

Agricultural Drainage (Tarımsal Drenaj)
162. Drainage Guidelines
163. Prospects for the drainage of clay soils
164. Drainage Principles and Applications Vol.II / Theories of Field Drainage and Watershed Runoff
165. Drainage Principles and Applications Vol.III / Surveys and Investigations
166. Drainage Manual
167. Agricultural Drainage
168. Engineering Design of Drainage Systems, Volume I and II
169. Tarımsal Alan Drenaj Kriterleri
170. Drenaj Kanalları Kapasitelerinin Tayini
171. Drenaj Alanlarının Kapasite Hesabı
172. Drainage Technique in a Paddy Region
173. Standard Specifications for Drain Systems
174. Design Considerations for Agricultural Drains on the Columbia Basin Project
175. Drain Construction on the Columbia Basin Project
176. A Viscous Fluid Model for Demonstration of Groundwater Flow to Parallel Drains
177. Construction of Pipe Drains on the Columbia Basin Project
178. Drain-Spacing Method Used by the Bureau of Reclamation

Publications of Water and Land Management Institute / Aurangabad (Maharashtra) India - Su ve Arazi Yönetim Enstitüsü Yayınları, Maharasthra, India
179. National Workshop on Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water
180. Special Course on Diagnostic Analysis of Minor Irrigation Schemes
181. Sprinkler Irrigation
182. Drip Irrigation
183. Statistical Techniques in Irrigation Water Management
184. Economics for Irrigation Management
185. National Seminar on Micro-Computer in Irrigation Water Management
186. National Seminar on Drainage Problems in Irrigated Heavy Soils
187. Crop Water Requirements

Proceedings of International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)
188. Eighth Congress On Irrigation and Drainage / Varna (1972)-2 volumes available
189. Ninth International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage / Moscow (1975): 7 Volumes-Complete set of volumes available
190. Thirteenth International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage / Casablanca, Morocco (1987): 5 Volumes-Complete set of volumes available
191. International Commisssion on Irrigation and Drainage / Seventh Afro-Asian Regional Conference / Tokyo (1989): 9 Volumes-Complete set of volumes
192. Several Water Resources Journals: UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)- 42 journals

Operation, Maintenance, and Management of Irrigation Systems ( Sulama Sistemlerinin İşletme, Bakım ve Yönetimi)
193. Handbook on : Participatory Irrigation Management
194. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Participatory Irrigation Management
195. Proceedings of the National Conference on Participatory Irrigation Management
196. Management, Operation, and Maintanence of GAP Irrigation Systems-Project Workshop
197. Organization, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Schemes
198. İşletme ve Bakım Mühendisleri Semineri
199. Water Management in The World Bank- Supported Irrigation Project Systems: An Analysis of Past Experience
200. Water Systems Management Workshop
201. DSİ Sulama Tesisleri İşletme Yönetmeliği
202. Planlı Su Dağıtımı El Kitabı
203. Irrigation Operators' Workshop: Lecture Notes

Türkiye'de Yağmurlama Sulaması Bazı Proje Örnekleri (Several Case Studies for Sprinkler Irrigation in Turkey)
204. Güldürcek Sulaması Yağmurlama Seçeneği Ekonomik İncelemesi
205. Tekirdağ İnanlı Göleti Yağmurlama Sulaması Kati Projesi
206. Çukurova Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi Arazileri Yağmurlama Sulaması Proje Raporu
207. Kesikköprü Köprüköy Projesi Bala D.Ü.Ç. Yağmurlama Sulaması

Çeşitli Yüzeysel Sulama Kesin Proje Raporları ve Ön Raporlar ( Several Surface Irrigation Reports: Case Studies)
208. Konya Karaman Ovası Sulama Kesin Projesi Ön Raporu (V Cilt)
209. Erzincan Ovası Pompaj Sulamaları Drenaj ve Tahliye Şebekeleri ile Sulama Tesisleri Kati Projesi Ön Raporu
210. Seyhan Irrigation Project Stage II Design Report
211. Konya-Ereğli İvriz Sağ Sahil Sulamaları Kati Projesi Ön Raporu
212. Doğu Iğdır Ovası Sulaması Kati Projesi Ön Raporu
213. Ceyhan Aslantaş Projesi Cevdetiye Sağ Sahil Sulaması Ön Raporu
214. Dicle Kralkızı Projesi Teknik ve Ekonomik Yapılırlık Raporu
215. Feasibility Study on Adatepe Irrigation Project: Final Report
216. Malatya-Çat Projesi Çerkezyazısı Ana Kanalı: Mansap Kontrollu Regülasyon Hidrolik Tasarımı Kati Proje Raporu
217. Baziki (Yaylak) Sulaması Kati Projesi
218. GAP Project- Regulation and Control of the Şanlıurfa Tunnel & Feeder System Design Report
219. Regulation and Management of Water in Irrigation Canals and Water-saving Irrigation Methods and Technologies