Özden Bilen is familiar with the spheres of water policymaking and academia. He was assigned to the Director General of Sate Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in 1993 after holding several offices in the same organization and retired in 1995.

This website includes selected bibliographic list of books, articles, reports related to hydropolitics, water resources development & management which are a part of his private library. Water Resources Archive was classified according to the different subject areas. The purpose of the website is to provide a quick reference to particularly on the subject of “trans-boundary waters” for young scholars and those concerned. Most of his personal publications and presentations could be reached online.

An autobiographical essay covering his childhood, university and career years was posted on the website as e-book format.

All the content of Özden Bilen's books and articles could be used, provided you indicate the source.
Orsam Water Resources Programme
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Ortadoğu'yu Anlamak: Ortadoğu'nun Siyasal, Sosyal ve Ekonomik Yapılanmasının Tarihsel Arka Planına İlişkin Bazı Kitaplar
1. A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
2. Barışa Son Veren Barış: Modern Ortadoğu Nasıl Yaratıldı? 1914-1922
3. Paris 1919: 1919 Paris Barış Konferansı ve Dünyayı Değiştiren Altı Ayın Hikayesi
4. With Lawrence in Arabia
5. Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph / The Complete 1922 Text
6. Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell : Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrance of Arabia
7. Siyonizm Kurucusu Theodor Herzl' in Hatıraları ve Sultan Abdülhamid
8. Zeytindağı
9. Arab and Jew
10. The Arabs
11. Greater Syria: The History of an Ambition
12. Irak'ın Sonu: Ulus devletlerin çöküşü mü?
13. Kriz: İki Büyük Dış Politika Krizinin Anatomisi
14. Diplomasi
15. Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Paşa: Son Firavun
16. The Ottoman Centuries: The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire
17. The Middle East in the World Economy 1800-1914
18. Petrol ve İslam
19. Ham Güç:Petrol Politikaları ve Pazarı
20. Petrol: Para ve Güç Çatışmasının Epik Öyküsü
21. Doğu Sorunu / 1774-1923 Uluslararası İlişkiler Üzerine Bir İnceleme
22. Jeopolitik, Strateji ve Coğrafya
23. Su Savaşları: Ortadoğuda Beklenen Çatışma
24. Kudüs 1850-1948
25. İsrail Lobisi ve Amerikan Dış Politikası
26. Lozan Konferansı ve İsmet Paşa
27. Contending Theories of International Relations: A comprehensive Survey
28. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers
29. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
30. Turkey and Europe in History
31. Avrupa ve İslam
32. Ortadoğu Tarihi
33. The National Geographic Magazine (December 1914)

Ortadoğu Su Sorunlarının Teknik ve Hidropolitik Değerlendirmelerine İlişkin Bazı Kitap, Makale, Rapor ve Analizler
OR1. Proceedings of the United Nations Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Resources: 17 August--6 September 1949, Lake Succses, New York
OR2. Near East Studies Program and its Conference on U.S. Foreign Policy on Water Resources in the Middle East: Instrument for Peace and Development / 24-25 November 1986
OR3. U.S. Foreign Policy on Water Resources in the Middle East
OR4. Middle East-Japan Conference on Development and Utilization of Water Resources- February 24 and 25, 1988 TOKYO
OR5. Roundtable Discussion on Transboundary Watercourses: Bilkent University, 26-27 November, 1990, ANKARA
OR6. International Conference on Transboundary Waters in the Middle East: Prospects for Regional Cooperation / Bilkent University, 2nd-3rd September 1991
OR7. Water in the Sand: A Survey of Middle East Water Issues
OR8. Jordan's Water Resources and Their Future Potential
OR9. Workshop on Prospects for Cooperative Water Management in the Middle East / Council on Foreign Relations, June 17, 1992, New York
OR10. The Jordan Watershed: Past Attempts at Cooperation and Lessons for the Future
OR11. Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Jordan: Ecological and Economic Aspects in a Long Term Perspective
OR12. Water Resources of Middle East
OR13. Water and Peace in the Middle East
OR14. The Middle East Water Crisis: Creative Perspectives and Solutions
OR15. Middle East Multilateral Negotiations: Working Group on Water Resources (First Round)
OR16. Middle East Multilateral Negotiations: Working Group on Water Resources (Second Round)
OR17. Middle East Multilateral Negotiations: Working Group on Water Resources (Third Round)
OR18. Middle East Multilateral Negotiations: Working Group on Water Resources (Fourth Round)
OR19. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Water Resources in the Middle East: Policy and Institutional Aspects
OR20. Enhancement of Middle East Water Supply a Literature Review:Technologies and Applications
OR21. Water Resources and Conflict in the Middle East
OR22. Overview of Middle East Water Resources: Water Resources of Palestinian, Jordanian, and Israeli Interest
OR23. Hydropolitics of the Nile Valley
OR24. Comprehensive Water Resources Development of the Nile Basin
OR25. Hydropolitics Along the Jordan River: Scarce water and its impact on the Arab- Israeli conflict
OR26. Core and Periphery: A Comprehensive Approach to Middle Eastern Water
OR27. New Frontiers in Middle East Security
OR28. Water in the Middle East: Potential for Conflicts and Prospects for Cooperation
OR29. The Euphrates River and the Southeast Anatolia Development Project
OR30. Proceedings of International Conference on the Water as an Element of Cooperation and Development in the Middle East
OR31. Water and Instability in the Middle East
OR32. Water for Peace in the Middle East and Southern Africa
OR33. Israel Water Sector Review
OR34. Water Resources Development and Management: The Israeli Approach
OR35. Water in Israel: Administrative and Operational Aspects, Consumption and Extraction 1962-1989
OR36. Israel National Water Carrier
OR37. Water and War: Syposium on Armed Conflicts
OR38. Conflict and Terrorism
OR39. The War that Never Happened: The Sharing of Euphrates-Tigris Rivers Between Turkey, Syria and Iraq
OR40. The "Peace Canal on the Golan" Proposal: Benefits and Risks Water Cooperation in the Middle East
OR41. Water, Peace and the Middle East:Negotiating Resources in the Jordan Basin
OR42. Türkiye, Suriye ve Lübnan İlişkilerinde Asi Nehri Sorunu
OR43. MEWIN Directory: Individuals and Organizations Specilizing in Middle East Water Resources
OR44. 8th International Colloquium titled :Security of Arab Waters
OR45. International Waters of the Middle East from Euphrates-Tigris to Nile: Ed. Asit K. Biswas / Oxford University Press, 1994
OR46. The Jordan Basin: Political, Economic, and Institutional Issues
OR47. The Water Issue and its Effects on Arab-Turkish Relations
OR48. Some Field Experimental Resuls of Salinity Problems in Iraq
OR49. Political and Legal Aspects of the Arab and International Water Resources in the Arab Nation
OR50. Turkey's Hydropolitics of the Euphrates-Tigris Basin
OR51. Review and Assessment of Water Resources in the Arab Region
OR52. Water Issues in the Palestine Occupied Territories
OR53. Water Resources for the State of Palestine
OR54. Country case study: Syria
OR55. Supplemental Irrigation Systems of Syrian Arab Republic
OR56. Water Resources: An Emerging Crises
OR57. Turkey's Potential Contribution to Arab--Israel Peace
OR58. The Next Middle East Conflict: The Water Crisis
OR59. Turkey: A Partner in the Middle East
OR60. Water Shortage as a Threat to Middle East Peace
OR61. Governing International Common Pool Resources: the international watercourses of the Middle East
OR62. An Economic Approach to Understanding Jordan Valley Water Disputes
OR63. The Mesopotamian Marshlands: Demise of an Ecosystem
OR64. Fırat ve Dicle (Mezopotamya) Havzası'nda Su Envanteri Çalışmaları
OR65. Water Management in Islam
OR66. Transboundary Waters and Turkey
OR67. Ortadoğu'da Su Meselesi ve Türkiye
OR68. The Physical Dimensions of Water Problems in the Middle East
OR69. Treaty of Peace between State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 26th October 1994
OR70. Dividing the Waters of the River Jordan: An Analysis of the Israel--Jordan Peace Treaty
OR71. The Water Issue in the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process

Applications of Multicriteria Decision Support Systems (DSS)
OR72. Workshop on the Decision Support for Integrated River Basin Management and Shared Water Resources Allocation
OR73. Project Ranking Using ELECTRE III
OR74. Role of DSS for Mitigation of Drought Impacts in the Mediterranean Regions
OR75. Water Resources Planning in the Middle East: application of the PROMETHEE V multicriteria method
OR76. An Israili-Palestinian water- sharing regime
OR77. Aplication of multi-criteria decision aid to rank the Jordan-Yarmouk basin co-riparians according to the Helsinki and ILC rules
OR78. Water Resources System Models: Their Role in Planning
OR79. Decision Support for Crop Planning During Droughts

Desalination in the Middle East
OR80. Worldwide Desalination Research and Technology Survey
OR81. Prospects for Brackish Water Desalination in Gaza
OR82. Report of the Japanese Brackish Ground Water Desalination Study Team
OR83. Hydro-Powered Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination for Co-Generation
OR84. Membrane Science and Desalination
OR85. A Comparative Study of the Economics of RO and MSF in the Middle East
OR86. Arid Zone Water Resources Planning for Peace: Aplications of non-conventional alternatives in the Middle East

Nile Basin
OR87. General Impacts of Aswan High Dam
OR88. Dams, People and Development: The Aswan High Dam Case
OR89. The Environmental Effects of the High Dam at Aswan
OR90. Egyptian Nubians: Resettlement and Years of Coping
OR91. Opportunities for Regional and International Cooperation in the Nile Basin
OR92. Papers prepared for Round Table Meeting on Planning for Ground Water Development in Arid Regions
OR93. Groundwater Geochemistry of Nile Delta--Desert Interface, 1. Isotope Hydrology
OR94. Ministerial Meeting on Nile River Basin Development, Addis Ababa, 10 January 1989 (Burindi, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda,Sudan Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire), Economic Commision for Africa
OR95. Egypt's Water Resources Management and Policies
OR96. Water Resources Management: Sudan
OR97. The Nile Basin Lessons Fom the Past
OR98. Lessons Learnt from Cooperation in the Nile Basin
OR99. Nile Basin Initiative: Strategic Action Plan (Brief)
OR100. Satisfying Future National and Global Water Demands
OR101. Land-reclamation in Egypt

OR102. Facts About Euphrates-Tigris Basin
OR103. Water Issues Between Turkey, Syria and Iraq
OR104. Orta Doğu'da Su Sorunu
OR105. Field Investigation of Crop Water Requirements in Syria
OR106. Water and Armed Conflict in the Middle East-Fantasy or Reality?
OR107. Agricultural and Environmental changes in the Upper Euphrates catchement of Turkey and Syria and their political and Economic implications
OR108. Dış Basında Su Sorunu (1999-2003)
OR109. A Note On Priority Regional Infrastructure Projects
OR110. United Nations Inter-Agency Humanitarian Programme in Iraq
OR111. Water Jitters in the Middle East
OR112. Hidropolitik: Su kaynakları ve Politik Boyutu
OR113. Report of the Seventh Session of the Regional Commission on Land and Water Use in the Near East
OR114. Shared Rivers: Principles and Practices
OR115. SU "casus belli" mi?

Several Papers Concerning Middle East Water Issues Published in the Official Journal of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA)
OR116. Volume 20 No.4, December 1995
OR117. Volume 18 No.1, March 1993
OR118. Volume 17 No.3, September 1993
OR119. Volume 11 Number 4, December 1995
OR120. Volume 11 Number 2 June 1995
OR121. Volume 13 Number 4 December 1997